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Locally and Ethically Foraged Mugwort Smoke Cleansing Sticks - 8 inch

Image of Locally and Ethically Foraged Mugwort Smoke Cleansing Sticks - 8 inch

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All proceeds from the sale of these sticks will be donated to the local American Indian Center of Chicago. I am using their name alongside this item with permission. If you would like to make a donation to them directly please follow this link:

Mugwort is a GREAT alternative to White Sage! Native peoples have asked that colonizers not marginalize their spiritual practices by turning traditional sacred plants into over harvested commodities. White sage smudging is being appropriated with no knowledge or respect to the indigenous practices surrounding white sage.

Mugwort aka Croneswort aka Artemisia Vulgaris or common mugwort is originally from Europe, Asia, Northern Africa, and Alaska and is now invasive in the USA. Found in devastated places and overgrazed lands, it thrives in less than ideal conditions. Associated with the goddess Artemis, goddess of the moon and protector of animals, it is a medicinal dream herb used to promote psychic visions, lucid dreaming, and astral travel. We cleanse with mugwort bundles to increase visions in our sleep and during our meditative ritual practices.

The mugwort for the sticks was sustainably foraged locally in Chicago, IL and they were made with intent. I have a relationship with the field where they were foraged from and left beneficial offerings for future generations of the mugwort. To fix the problems that plague us globally we must interact respectfully with our environment and local ecology.

It is my intention to raise awareness of appropriation of sacred indigenous practices and pose the question: Why do you do what you do? Is it the popular thing to do, or are you acting with wisdom?