Beta Sculpture 004

  • Beta Sculpture 004
  • Beta Sculpture 004

Beta test resin sculpture 004.  Air dry clay and resin.
Diameter 2.75" Height 1.25"
This one features the imprint of deer antlers and is inspired by riverbanks and Equisetum hyemale aka Horsetail.

This was my first attempt at resin casting and they are imperfectly perfect.  I learned a great deal from this experience and must sell them to fund the next stage of this project.  I need about $200 to buy materials and so I am selling these for $35 each. I spent 1-2 hours carving each one and 3-4 days studying the resin pouring process.

The intention with these pieces is to encapsulate my experience of natural forms.  I am seeking to embody the essence of the subject rather than to depict things literally. To me, nature is ever changing, witnessing, and powerful. How can we center ourselves in that natural spirit? Where have we created false boundaries?  I would like to expand this concept further - please consider purchasing one if you would like to support this work. 

**Type LOCAL at checkout if you would like to pick up in person from me at Animal Farm Tattoo. I will contact you to make arrangements . Thank you!*