Bee Excellent Flash Booking Fee

  • Bee Excellent Flash Booking Fee

Nonrefundable booking fee for flash tattoo design. This fee reserves the design selected & the time slot for your tattoo. The booking fee DOES count towards the total price of your tattoo. Once purchase is made I will reach out to you at the email provided to arrange a time for your appointment. Your fee is forfeited if you cancel within 48 hours of your agreed on appointment time. Payment for your tattoo at the time of your appointment must be made in CASH.

**I am tattooing these designs more than once and we can change up the colors to your liking. I will NOT do them as linework only designs but we can do them only in black if you prefer.**

Estimated Total Cost:
These are all around the $250 range.

Flash starts at $200 and up
Palm sized tattoos are $250-350
Hand sized tattoos are $350-450

Contact me with any questions or for a personalized quote: